Textiles is a course suitable for any student who enjoys exploring, developing, investigating and experimenting with their creative abilities. It offers opportunities to try out new materials and techniques such as weaving, printing and recycled fashion.

On the course you will learn about textile fashion artists and designers,and also more traditional skills such as weaving and knitting alongside more modern skills like fashion drawing and interior design.

Every year we have trips to the A² Fashion Show in Birmingham as well as textile museums and galleries. The school holds Fashion Shows and Gallery Evenings to showcase students’ work. Textile artists and designers carry out workshops where students are able to experiment with techniques and explore various textile mediums.

Salford City Colleges are asked to visit the textiles department where students are encouraged to develop their skills into Further Education.

Textiles is a popular and well established course, giving students the opportunity to work collaboratively and independently during school and out of school hours.

Students concentrate on their creative work – drawing, painting and visual research in books – but combine this with practical work such as fashion construction, weaving, knitting and printing.